How to Tell the Difference of XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam ?

//How to Tell the Difference of XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam ?

How to Tell the Difference of XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam ?

XLPE foam(XPE ) and IXPE Foam are quite similar , when receiving the high quality XLPE Foam, even someone in foam field cann’t tell the difference of XLPE Foam and IXPE Foam correctly.

Let me introduce some details for you to tell the same points and differences in XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam.

XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam
XLPE Foam & IXPE Foam

What’s the XLPE Foam ?

Chemically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam (XLPE Foam) is a Low density polyethylene foam material. And that is expanded in heat oven directly after come out from the extruder , with the help of chemical inflators and cross linking agents that are put inside during the extruding.

It has advanced chemical and mechanical features thanks to its cross-linked structure.

It can be used in many areas that sound, heat, humidity insulation and shock protection is intended. As well as for different sectors as cut plate, roll, tube, extra-laminated or non-laminated.

What’s the IXPE Foam ?

Physically cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE Foam) is also based on low density polyethylene as raw material, change to independent cell meshed bubble structure by using electronic irradiation.

It is a kind of continues foaming freely, smooth surface, closed-cell, independent, well-distributed, no water absorption, unlimited length and adjustable color and density soft foaming material.

Compare with other similar foaming materials, the performance of IXPE is more excellent. Especially for environmental protection, sound insulation, water proof, moisture proof, shock absorption, cushioning, flexible, heat preservation, heat insulation, weather ability, aging resistant and lightweight.

It can be compounded with aluminum film, aluminum foil, PE film or other materials, widely used in flooring underlayment. It is one of the most environmental protection, best sound insulation and moisture resistant product in flooring underlay

The Same Points for XLPE foam and IXPE Foam.

  1. Both Low density PE foam , have the common characteristics of PE foam.
  2. Adiabatic adiabaticity:  Its fine independent bubble structure effectively reduces the energy exchange caused by air convection, and is suitable for making insulating pipes and boards. It also has anti-condensation property, which makes it very suitable for thermal insulation materials in humid environment such as refrigerators, air conditioners and refrigerators.
  3. Buffer buffering: Its semi-rigid foam body, after being strongly impacted, does not lose its reduction performance. It is used in packaging fields such as precision instruments, semiconductors, electronic products and so on.
  4. Sound absorption: It has the function of sound absorption and noise reduction. It is suitable for sound absorption and sound insulation materials used in automobile, motor and other strong noise equipment and environment.
  5. Formability: IXPE has strong heat resistance, good ductility and uniform density. It can be used to form deep parts such as vacuum forming and thermal forming. Therefore, IXPE can be used for interior decorations such as automobile air-conditioning evaporator cabinet, automobile hot-pressing ceiling and shoe materials.
  6. They are non-toxic, tasteless, tasteless, drug-resistant, oil-resistant, acid-resistant and acid-resistant, Halogen Resistance and Other Varieties

What is the difference in XLPE foam & IXPE foam?

Although XLPE Foam and IXPE Foam with same main material , there are many same points, There still exist many differences because of the different cross linked way.

  1. Foam surface : Compared to physically Cross-Linked Polyethylene Foam, XPE Foam surface is not as smooth as the IXPE Foam.  And XPE foam surface cell structure is larger and the IXPE foam .
  2. In terms of Terminology, XPE foam and IXPE foam have different cross linked method, XPE is often called chemical crosslinking , IXPE is often called electronic crosslinking ;
  3. Cross section look, the cross-section cell of XPE foam is larger, and the cell of IXPE is relatively fine and uniform; which also make the surface be different. there are relatively rough small bubbles on the surface of XPE (which can be polished, of course), and IXPE table. Smooth and soft surface;
  4. Thickness,  the thinnest IXPE can be about 0.1 mm, and the thinnest XPE is about 3 mm.
  5. Cost, IXPE is relatively higher than XPE Foam because of more production steps and better look.
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