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Closed Cell Chemical Cross-linked Polyethlene Foam (XPE or XLPE) has many good properties:

Acoustic insulation
•    Corrosion resistance
•    Cushion, buffer
•    Light weight
•    Rebound elasticity
•    Shock absorption
•    Thermal insulation
•    Waterproof, moisture-proof
•    Weather resistance

Information about CYG TEFA’s XPE Foam

1. Production Introduction

XPE / XLPE Foam is chemically crosslinked PE foam. It is produced in continuous rolls resulting in a foam product with uniform, closed cells and smooth skins on both sides. It is light weight, flexible and soft to touch, yet strong, tough, resilient and resistant to moisture, many chemicals and temperature extremes.

2. Foam Advantage

  •  Lightweight
  •  Cost-effective
  •  Easy to fabricate
  •  Extremely low-odour
  •  Nontoxic
  •  High shock absorption
  •  Flexibility

3. Product Details

4. Features:

* Extremely low water absorption (closed cell structure)
* good thermal insulation, acoustic insulation
* energy saving, cold resistance without brittle (low Tg)
* hydrolysis-resistant suitable for extensive temperature UV and chemical resistance
* double fine surface, light weight, shock-absorbing and cushion, laminated layers.

5. Produce Packaging & Delivery

6. Mainly Application

  •  Automotive industry
  •  Building industry
  •  Transit Packaging