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Information about CYG TEFA’s IXPP / PP / PPF



Radiation crosslinking Polypropylene Foam material (IXPP): The product is mixing the polypropylene with various fillers, auxiliaries, blowing agents, through granulation, extrusion, molding, irradiation crosslinking by accelerator. High-temperature foaming made a high-performance closed-cell foam material. It can be widely used in automotive interiors, aerospace, shipbuilding machinery, sports and leisure industries. It has below merits:

  •  Excellent mechanical properties, high strength at the same density conditions;
  •  Good toughness, easy to shape, breaking elongation rate can above 300 percent;
  •  Resistance to high temperature , small heat reduction, 120° shrinkage less than 2 percent under temperature 120 degree;
  •  High temperature foaming, low odor, less VOC volatile.

What’s the difference between IXPP / IXPE / XPE?

XPE – crosslinked by chemical cross-linked agent (DCP), bubble is big, surface is rough.
IXPP / IXPE – cross-linked by electron accelerator irradiation, bubble is uniform and small, foam has more excellent mechanical performance, thermal forming properties and smooth surface.
Compared with IXPE/XPE, IXPP has better mechanical performance, resistance to higher temperature up to 120 degree. It’s better forming depth, ideal foam material for automotive interior products.

A new type of polymer foaming material. It’s made of polypropylene resin (PP) with other filler and foaming agent.

Its cell structure is closed, thermal conductivity will not be affected by damp.

There are more than 30 parts use XPE/IXPE in the front of the car, floor, fender, engine insulation pads, cushion blocks. It can be a good solution for NVH problems.

IXPP has good properties:

  •  Good thermal stability (max over 130°C)
    •  Size stability at high temperature
    •  High toughness
    •  High tensile strength
  •  Impact strength and other excellent mechanical properties
    •  Compliant surface
    •  Excellent microwave adaptability
    •  Environmental protection


  •  Automotive interiors
  • Ceiling, door panel, rear shelf, instrument panel, door armrest, left-right side circumference, luggage box, floor mat, body outer bottom guard board, seat back-up board, air conditioning duct etc.
  •  Building materials
    •  Packaging materials and many other fields.


  •  Foaming ratio : 5-25 times
    •  Width: 600-2000mm
    •  Thickness: Single layer 1-6mm, also can be laminated more layers to 2-100mm thickness range
    •  Common colors: rice white, ivory

IXPP Related characteristics:

  •  Excellent heat resistance, IXPP can withstand 130℃.
  •  Excellent mechanical properties, it’s the highest grade of plastic foam material.
  •  Excellent insulation performance, it can maintain low thermal conductivity (<0.036W/M.K) for a long time, so it can be used as advanced heat insulating material.
  •  Good processing performance, IXPP has a high elongation of 300 percent, 120℃, the elongation is up to 1000 percent at room temperature.
  •  Best chemical corrosion resistance in all foaming materials.

IXPP /IXPE/XPE Difference

  •  XPE cross-linking through chemical crosslinking agent (DCP) the bubble hole is larger, the appearance roughness;
    •  IXPP / IXPE cross-linking  through high-energy electron irradiation , the bubble hole is relatively uniform and fine, smooth surface, mechanical properties, perfect hot forming ability.
    •  IXPP compared with IXPE/XPE, better mechanical properties, high temperature can reach 120℃, forming deeper depth, more suitable for automotive soft interior materials application.