WPC flooring 1.5mm IXPE foam underlay with film

//WPC flooring 1.5mm IXPE foam underlay with film

WPC flooring 1.5mm IXPE foam underlay with film

IXPE Foam Underlayment For SPC PVC Flooring

Foam underlay 

Foam underlay is a dense IXPE foam underlayment ideal for floating laminate and engineered wood floors.

IXPE Foam sheets  can be easy to fabricate, it has high vibration damping, excellent buoyancy, resists bad weather conditions and is generally resistant to chemicals.

Which Makes it as good foam expansion and foam underlay part.The scientific holes and Alu foil to transmit the heat and reduce energy wastage.

Foam Underlay Features

  • Customize foam layer as per required size .
  • Closed-cell foam structure, excellent waterproof function.
  • Easy for Embossed, lamination ith WPC, PVC, Vinyl flooring.
  • Eco-friendly closed cell foam layer.

Foam Underlay Functions

  1. The foam construction reduces everyday SPC, WPC Flooring surface noise and provides resistance to moisture, mold and mildew. It is easy to install with a plastic overlap and adhesive strip to join multiple rows.
  2. Suitable for ALL glue down, nail down, and floating Laminate, Engineered Wood and Hardwood flooring installations 
  3. Acoustical underlayment is suitable for glue down and flooring installations
  4. Offers the best support, moisture protection and sound absorption for your SPC, WPC floors.
  5. Acoustical Underlayment for Floating / Laminate /Engineered Wood Floors with Moisture Barrier.

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