Foam tape

//Foam tape

Foam tape

Foam Tape based on XLPE foam and IXPE foam. Usually thick foam tape based on the XLPE foam. Thickness from 3mm to 30mm as different customer’s requests. Thin foam tape based on the IXPE Foam, thickness from 0.1mm to 2mm.

Foam can be made into single sided tapes, and double sided coated

Foam tape

XLPE Foam tape

XLPE Foam tape is ideal for hot or cold piping and fittings. Due to high flexibility and conformability this tape is used in insulation purpose. General purpose holding, patching sealing applications –indoor and outdoor. The tape has excellent flexibility and suitable for Thermal insulation & duct gasket application purpose.

  • Foam Insulation Tape Adhesive 
  • Foam Insulation Tape Adhesive-for Seal gasket 
  • HVAC Insulation Foam, For Industrial Use 
  • Xlpe Insulation 
  • Aluminum XLPE Insulation, 
  • etails about 6 x 125 Reflective Foam Core Insulation HVAC Faucet Pipe Air Duct Wrap Roll 1/8″ 
  • Thermal Insulation Closed Cell XLPE Foam

Foam Insulation aluminum foil thermal insulation XLPE foam – HVAC Industry Foam Insulation products is consist of XLPE foam backed Aluminum foil and Adhesive. which have the ability of Heat insulation, thermal protective, moisture proof . CYG Foam Insulation export to all over the world. CYG XLPE foam laminate with aluminum foil and adhesive, has high foaming rate, low density, excellent performance on thermal insulation and energy saving. XLPE insulation foam provides a safe thermal solution which is also easy to install, which save the energy for building and working time.

Foam Insulation aluminum foil thermal insulation XLPE foam – HVAC Industry

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