ESD Folding Container Box

///ESD Folding Container Box

ESD Folding Container Box

CYG ESD folding container also called folding plastic moving boxes, ESD plastic foldable containers,  ESD safe containers, ESD shipping bin containers, ESD folding storage containers, and ESD PCB folded containers .

CYG ESD folding container made of PP raw material. It also can adding the CYG Dividers to divide the spacers to different size pockets, which meets different electronics parts sizes, and protect it well during the shipping , transportation, or storage.

CYG ESD Container Features:

  • ESD folding container’s main features is its foldable ability. Box exterior size 600*400*311mm, after fold size 600*400*86mm. saving around 80% space.
  • CYG ESD container take the robot grab into consideration. Meet the manipulator for meet our electronice company requirements about the container.
  • ESD container Can insert the label size 200*100mm on the side label area easily, please refer below side label area.
  • We’ll mark the production time and manufacturer , which is convenient for tracking and amend.

CYG ESD folding Container Pass All Kinds Tests

( got test report from third party)

  • Appearance test:
  • Dimensional test
  • Weight test
  • Surface resistance test
  • Volume resistance test
  • Ground resistance test
  • Stack static pressure test
  • Suspension static pressure test
  • Room temperature drop test
  • Low temperature drop test
  • Vibration test
  • Fit test

CYG ESD Folding Container with Dividers

Dividers can be match as different sizes  , divide into different pocket size. Also you can put the separator (ESD foam, ESD board ) to divide it into different layers for make full use of the Container.

Long dividers : 550*45*T2mm

Short Dividers :350*45*T2mm

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