CYG TEFA Foam for Sports

The closed cell cross-linked PE foam (XPE /  XLPE / IXPE foams) is a kind of strong, resilient foam. It’s suitable foam material for the sports and leisure industries. It can easily be used as component, cushion requiring insulation, waterproof and shock absorbing. It’s also an ideal material used in flotation equipment and other sport products.

? Foam archery target, shooter buck 3D foam archery target. 
? Protective overlay tiles for sports floors, sports Turf.
? Body protection, knee supports, helmet insert.
? Body board, canoe buoyancy & seating.
? Buoyancy aids.

The PE foam is easy to fabricate because of it��s flexibility good tear resistance. High shock absorption and excellent buoyancy allow to be used in a multitude of applications from personal impact protection to buoyancy aids.

1. Foam archery target


Lightweight and weather resistant, with great stopping characteristic makes foam suitable for an outstanding archery target.

2. Sport turf


Eco-friendly foam material is used as expansion joint for artificial turf cover the sport ground, play area for children, around pool etc. Easily cut to fit the size you want. Make artificial lower water bill & easy to install.

3. Floating device


Good buoyancy component with high water resistance and buoyancy characters. It can be used as soft top of flotation equipment, and other floating products.

4. Body protection


It’s available to be any desire shape as cushion part of knee supports, helmet insert by hot press, offer optimum protection for body.

Protective Foam
Protective Foam

5. Mat

XPE & IXPE mat provides excellent insulation and superb compression recovery which will stop you feeling the chill from the ground for all seasons, summer as well as winter. It’s waterproof & washable, providing lightweight.

When you use it as a foam flooring or matting material, XPE & IXPE is cross-linked, creating a fine, closed-cell foam that is unaffected by mildew, mold, rot and bacteria and provides firm material with excellent strength and shock absorption. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be soft landing if you fall hard in this foam as the energy is contained to a relatively small area and not broadly distributed.

Roll size (for example):




Other size is to be customized.

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