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CYG PE Foam is a leading supplier of HVAC products located in Shenzhen, China and serving the trading, contracting, HVAC, MEP, civil, interior works and building material supply of the country.

XLPE Foam Backed Adhesive, Backed Aluminum Foil Sheet

hvac insulation
hvac insulation

Main Materials

XPE/XLPE insulation pe foam is made by closed cell chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam, adhesive backing and faced with pure aluminum foil and it’s flame retardant as well. Widely used in HVAC duct / pipe insulation.


Foam+Aluminum foil

Adhesive+ Foam+ Aluminum foil


XLPE / XPE Foam Material
Regular Foam Color
black, gray, customized color are available
Delivery Time
7-14 workdays
SGS, REACH, ROSH,ISO9001-14001,IATF16949
Non-toxic, lead and latex free Easy to install and clean High durability Anti-slip textured surface Waterproof Sound absorbing Microbial resistant Lightweight Insulated from cold sub-floor


  1. Saves Energy: retain the temperature of the air they are transporting, reducing energy wastage.
  2. Prevents Condensation on Ducts: XPE insulation provides a solid cover around the air ducts.
  3. Reduces Noise Transmitted Indoors: XPE can carry sound waves all around the house and carry sounds across rooms such as the noise of the furnace turning on in phases as well.
  4. Hot-dipped galvanized steel sheets of lock-forming quality are used for the manufacturing of standard ducts.
  5. Ducts are also available in both, stainless steel and Aluminum.
  6. All straight ducts have beading all along at a distance of 300 mm between them for reinforce.