ESD TEFA Specialize in Providing the ESD Developing, ESD Products. ESD Solutions. Our service not only providing below ESD Products, also can help design your lab room, clean room, electronic workplace and all kinds electronic or dust-free workshop, more important fully equipped with perfect ESD Products.

For better ESD Service and meet different customer’s requests. below are our ESD Products list for your reference.

CYG ESD wrist strap is an antistatic device. It’s used in electronics industry by workers operating on electronic equipment what can be damaged by ESD (Electrostatic discharge.)

CYG Featured ESD Products

CYG Folding ESD Containers

Save 80% Volume after folding

Folding size: 600*400*86mm

CYG TEFA Providing all kinds ESD Chairs. For all the Chair accessories. we also can sold separately as different customer’s requests. such as the gliders, foot rest , and related products.