Irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE foam) is very fine celled microcellular foam. IXPE foam is used for medical applications, heart forming, high-end protective packaging pads or materials for various products. The surface is more smooth and flat. It has more excellent mechanical performance. Good thermal insulation, waterproof, sound insulation, shock absorption, thermal forming, anti static foam, foam tape etc.

IXPE Materials Parameters Parameters

Information about CYG TEFA's IXPE Foam

1. Production Introduction

Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethylene Foam (IXPE), made by high temperature foaming after electron-beam processing or electron irradiation, involves irradiation of products using high energy electron-beam accelerator. It can be cross-linked, formed more steady net structure. Compared with XPE (XLPE) Foam, the thickness has more choice, as low as 0.2mm make these grades of foam ideal for tape and seals, whether it be single sided or double sided.

IXPE Foam available in densities ranging from 25 kg/m³ - 200 kg/m³, foam dimension - the thickness, width and length, color etc can be customized.

2. Foam Advantage

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to fabricable
  • Extremely low odour
  • Non toxic
  • High shock absorption
  • Flexibility

3. Production Details

4. Product Packaging & Delivery

5. Mainly Application

Our other products

XPE Foam

Closed Cell Chemical Cross-linked Polyethlene Foam (XPE or XLPE) has many good properties:

•    Acoustic insulation
•    Corrosion resistance
•    Cushion, buffer
•    Light weight
•    Rebound elasticity
•    Shock absorption
•    Thermal insulation
•    Waterproof, moisture-proof
•    Weather resistance


3D wallpaper

3D PE Foam wallpaper / brick (peel & stick wall panels) for interior wall decoration


ESD Foam

ESD / Conductive PE Foam is polyethylene foam filled with carbon (black ESD foams), to get electronic grade foams for ESD protection. The IXPE foam has conductive, static dissipative properties offer protection for critical electronic devices, assemblies and equipment.

The min thickness can do 0.5-1mm, max width 1.2 meter, supplied in sheet or roll.


Reflective Foam

Reflective Foam is made by chemical / physical cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam and aluminum foil, the aluminium foil plays the role of reflecting radiation heat from sunshine with reflectivity of 96-97%. And the XPE foam has the function of trapping air so as to stop convection heat.


Shock Pad

Chemically crosslinked foam (XPE FOAM) also has good physical properties, but has a larger more random cell structure. Chemically crosslinked foam can also be used for packaging, heat forming and a large variety of applications.


PE Foam Tape

PE Foam Tape is made by foam and adhesive on one side or two sides as different customer’s requests. CYG foam tape material is have many different types as customer’s requests. Such as ESD / Antistatic type, non AC special food grade type.



IXPP foam is called Irradiated cross-linked polypropylene foaming material.

  • Waterproof
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Soundproof
  • Shock resistance
  • Cushioning
  • Soft
  • Lightweight

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