ESD Wrist Strap

CYG ESD wrist strap is an antistatic device. It's used in electronics industry by workers operating on electronic equipment what can be damaged by ESD (Electrostatic discharge.)

It prevents the buildup of static electricity on their body resulting the electrostatic discharge.

Antistatic wrist wired strap is compose of wristband, coil cord, button / snaps, stud, alligator clip and banana plug.

The wristband is connect with skin directly, through button attach to the wire with alligator clip on the end to connect it to a ground conductor.

The conductive / anti-static closed cell PE foam is a kind of new material we specially researched for the high-end electronics, which has closed cell structure and the properties of permanently anti-static or conductive, well resistance to climate and shockproof.


  • Excellent ESD effect because its interior conductive lattice.
  • Able to discharge electronics rapidly and independent to environmental humidity.
  • Excellent conductive effect: resistivity value 103—1010Ω/sq.
  • Chemical corrosion-resistant: resistant to organic.
  • Non-chemical corrosion: Free chemical corrosion to the electronic devices and the packing materials.

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