CYG TEFA Foam for Automotive


  • Insulation on the dashboard, door panels, door armrests
  • Lightweight product solution for automobile air duct
  • Using for head pillow case by PIP filling&foaming technology
  • Waterproof and soundproof car door material
  • As damping and soundproofing foam products  around the front of the cockpit
  • Excellent Roof / Head Lining thermal insulation solutions
  • Automotive NVH products solutions

Solutions in dashboard、door plank、door armrest

  • Upper epidermis: TPO/PVC, synthetic leather
  • Gasket material: IXPP foam
  • Foam thickness: 2-3mm or customization
  • Applications: Dashboard,door plank, door armrest
  • Process technic: Vacuum plastic forming


  • Lightweight material, density can be less than 40Kg/m³
  • Eco-friendly,Harmless, VOC is low as 2.5
  • Lower atomization level
  • Deeper forming level
  • Temperature resistance can be 120 degree
  • Soft and excellent touching
  • Simpler processing technic
The closed cell cross-linked PE foam density range is from 25kgs/m3 - 300kgs/m3. It shows a good uniform closed cell structure that gives foam surface with pleasant texture appearance. Our foam material offers lightweight, functionality and durability in areas of

      • Sealing
      • Heat Insulation
      • Sound Damping
      • Acoustic NVH
      • Energy Absorption

      The PE foam exhibits good energy absorbency properties, low odour, low fogging and low VOC. It offers excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and greases, and thermal insulation.
      We offer soundproofing, sound deadening & insulation PE foam products for vehicles and serve for weight reduction automoitve solution.

      1. Sound deadening material for car door panels

      Material: XPE, IXPE Foam
      Density: 8B (125 kg/m³), 10B (100 kg/m³), 15B (66 kg/m³), 20B (50 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm
      Application: Door waterproof strip, water-repellent film
      Processing method: Thermal vacuum forming
      Advantage: The closed cell foam structure provides noise reduction and excellent waterproof property.

      2. Acoustic material for floor

      Material: XPE, IXPE Foam
      Density: 10B (100 kg/m³), 15B (66 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm
      Processing method: Heat pressing and seaming
      Advantage: It's used in the middle layer of car floor. The most common product is combination of PVC materials. Easy to process and laminate with other materials to enhance waterproof and insulating properties.

      3. Automobile sunshade Board Material

      Material: XPE, IXPE Foam

      Density: 20B (50 kg/m³), 25B (40 kg/m³), 30B (33 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 5mm
      Processing method: Heat pressing
      Advantage: Excellent insulation materials and building-up properties.

      4. Damping pad for car trunk

      Material: IXPE, XPE Foam
      Density: 30B (33 kg/m³), 35B(28 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
      Processing method: Heat pressing
      Advantage: Extremely easy to cut into the size you want with shockproof protection and noise reduction properties.

      5. Ceiling vibration damping material for car roof liner

      Material: IXPE, IXPP
      Density: 15B(66 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 4mm, 5mm
      Processing method: Heat pressing & die cutting
      Advantage: Processing with flexible IXPE or IXPP foam material to prevent vibration and reduce the heat.

      6. Thermal insulation and soundproofing material for car

      Material: XPE
      Density: 30B (33 kg/m³)
      Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
      Processing method: Adhesive (Included)
      Advantage: Adhesive foam for easy decroration, have good soundproof and thermal insulation performance. Fire retardant is available.

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