HVAC insulation

Welcome to CYG TEFA CO LTD website. CYG TEFA is a leading supplier of HVAC products located in Shenzhen, China and serving the trading, contracting, HVAC, MEP, civil, interior works and building material supply of the country. Specializing...



  • Insulation on the dashboard, door panels, door armrests
  • Lightweight product solution for automobile air duct
  • Using for head pillow case by PIP filling&foaming...


CYG TEFA CO LTD has attained prominence as a reputed firm in the field of Construction and Engineering through competence, competiveness and scheduled task with highest quality standards and recognized safety policy.


The closed cell cross-linked PE foam (XPE /  XLPE / IXPE foams) is a kind of strong, resilient foam. It's suitable foam material for the...


ESD Wrist Strap

CYG ESD wrist strap is an antistatic device. It's used in electronics industry by workers operating on electronic equipment what can be damaged by...

Other Applications

3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels for interior wall decoration

  • Noise insulation: Made of special material, sound insulation and comfort your sleeping.
  • Anti-collision: Eco-friendly foam with PE film material, effectively...
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